Pre-Purchase Vehicle Diagnostics
Health Check - Mobile Service

A diagnostic test will simply involve connecting our vehicle scanner (pictured right) to the cars computer modules to search for hidden faults.


Once connected, our scanner will run a vehicle wide checks of all the module on the car for any, past or present faults which may require your immediate attention before you decide to buy. Once the scan is complete, which usually only takes a few minutes, we will then provide you with a detailed printed report to help you make a sound and informed judgement.

diagnostic scanning for faults

Why its so important to have a Pre-Purchase diagnostic Health Check carried out

Many faults can remain undected long before the actual fault could turn into a problem, often when its too late.  subsequently, you could end up with unexpected costly repair bills. So it makes perfect sense to be informed of any issues that may crop up at a later date.  Additionally, with this vital information to hand, it can easily assist you negotiate a much better purchase price, if thats what you are look for.


We will travel to the vehicles location

For peace of mind with your next purchasing, book an appontment with us today.  All it will cost you is just £45.  I could save you from a bad buy. so dont risk it.

We provide a mobile service covering, Bexhill, Hastings , Battle and surrounding areas. 

Payment Methods: Cash or card.