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Mobile Service Serving Bexhill, Hastings, Eastbourne And Surrounding Areas Only

Laser & Transit/Jaguar Tibbe Key Cut

Need a laser key cut (Including Ford Tibby/Jaguar keys) and programmed to your cars immobiliser system? This is a very easy and simple job, often completed within 30 minutes. This is the cheapest and best way to keep an emergency spare key, in which, we highly recommend to keep. As emergency locksmiths can cost a lot of money and very incovennient

Why Its So Important To Keep A Spare Vehicle Key


Many second hand cars today are often sold with just one key.  By not keeping a spare/duplicate key, you are taking a huge gamble for the following reasons.

  •  Cost.  Should you lose your one-and-only key remote, could prove to be very costly to call out a mobile auto locksmith who is able to unlock the vehicle and make a new key.  And could so easily prove far more costly if this happend at night.
  •  Convenience.  Should your key/remote is damaged in any way.  It a simply case of using the second/spare key.
  •  Perfect for two drivers.  If two of you drive the same vehicle, it would a simple case of both of you keep a key at hand.
  •  Simple and Cheap.  Having a second key remote made is simple and easy to do and at a time that suites you.  Therefore you will ultimately save a great deal of time and money.  More so, if you lead a busy career/personal lifestyle.
  •  Peace of mind security.  Removes any doubts and concerns you may have

Heres a small sample of our work

We Also Cut Tubular Keys...

Need a Tubular (also known as radius or barrel) keys for vending machines and cabinets etc. then you've come to the right place.  Sameday service.  From only £12.95.


Hours of Business

Open 7 days a week: - Monday - Sunday 9 - 5 pm.  Personal visits strickly by appointment please

Outside these hours.  Simply send a message below or phone/text: 07845 906316.


Important Information

Please be aware that we may need to see proof of vehicle ownership i.e DVLA V5 document and ID before making new keys and remote.

We are unable to duplicate every car key and/or remote. But we are willing to try. And if we can't, it won't cost you a penny.

All remote repairs are covered by our 3 month warranty.

All and any personal information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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