Access Control RFID fob / tag and card duplicating Service

All major key cards, tags and fobs copied

Pricing Standard Fob

Your fob to our standard fob.  Price: £15.00

Pricing Paxton Fob

Paxton fobs are £25 per Fob.
Cloned to match the original.

Pricing iClass (Legacy,Elite)

iClass fobs are £25 per Fob  Cloned to a generic black or blue fob


Active cards, smart cards & more

Today the Radio-Frequency IDentification card comes with a broad range of names commonly known as proximity cards, active cards, smart cards, passive cards, access cards or RFID tags


We Come To You

Only for Posts Codes TN34, TN35, TN37.TN38, TN39, TN40

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